Leave this place

In emerald lands where legends dance,

a tale of longing takes a hold of men

The heart of a mother, burdened and torn,

in search of her daughter, forever gone


She roams through fields, so green and vast,

with a love so strong, it holds her fast

Through rolling hills and cobbled streets,

but no traces left  of her kid


"Leave this place,"  whispers the wind so low,

"Go find your daughter, let her know,

She's not alone in this world so wide,

you'll guide her home, with love beside"


Oh, the tears that fall like heavy rain,

each drop an echo of her pain,

She questions everyone she meets,

holds her breath, but no one did see


She seeks her face in every crowd

Through bustling streets and voices loud

She calls her name, a desperate plea,

‘’Bring my daughter back to me’’


"Leave this place," whispers the wind once more,

"Go find the daughter you so adore

Don’t be alone in this world so wide,

You and her and love beside you"


For she, her daughter, pure and true,

lost her way, as young ones do

She ventured to a place unknown,

where sanity's thread seemed all but sewn


Unsure of where her child had gone,

she whispered a prayer and headed off

"May she leave this confusing place

Wind, please guide her with your embrace’’


"I’ll leave this place," the mother then did say

"To be with my daughter, in the same place

So she's not alone in that world so wide,

and she’s with me, forever by my side’’