Kiki Deirdre is a modern-day folk musician and writer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Her music resonates with audiences through heartfelt vocals, warm guitar melodies, raw progressions, and powerful lyrics that linger long after the last song. Her debut EP, "Entwined," came out in 2017 and is currently exclusively available in physical format. In 2021, she independently released the singles "Quick Luck" and "Roam."


She fell in love with music and storytelling at a young age, starting to play the guitar and write songs at 10 years old. Throughout her teenage years, she kept the passion alive by performing at small venues and open mic nights. Later, she studied at the Conservatory of Utrecht to improve her artistic skills. There, she played with Americana band Het Volk for a few years. Eventually, she decided to devote herself entirely to her solo music and writing career.  Since then, she has been working on her first full-length album and debut novel, intending to release both in 2024.