Kiki Deirdre is a contemporary folk musician and author based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Her music and writing is intimate and personal, yet universal and confronting. With a raw, authentic sound, and poem-like lyrics, her songs tell stories of love, loss, and the human experience.


She’s been performing since 2009 and has been writing her own songs and poems since 2014. Her performances are honest, and through her passionate voice and natural melodies she creates an atmosphere that invites the listeners to connect with both the music and each other. 

Her debut album and novel, How's Life?, released June 28th 2024. Be Ears and How's Life? were the first singles from her debut album to be released. Due to ethical considerations regarding artist compensation on streaming platforms, only 5 out of the 10 songs released on online streaming platforms. The whole album is available only on vinyl and as MP3 files on Bandcamp.


Novel How's Life? (2024), exclusively available as softcover.

Album How's Life? (2024), full album exclusively available on Bandcamp and vinyl.

Album Childish Old Souls (2022), collaboration with Het Volk. 

Singles Quick Luck and Roam (2021)

EP Entwined (2017), exclusively available on CD.