How's Life? - album 12" vinyl


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This album will be released alongside Kiki Deirdre's debut novel with the same title. To delve deeper into the story of How’s Life?, you can order the novel via her shop. Due to ethical considerations regarding artist compensation on streaming platforms, only 5 out of the 10 songs will be released on online streaming platforms. The whole album will be available only on vinyl and as MP3 files on Bandcamp.


Use the code "BUNDLEDISCOUNT" to get a deal when you buy the album and novel together.



RPM: 45

Label: Strange Sea Publishing & Records

Releasedate: 27-06-2024

Format: 12" vinyl LP

UPC: 198094820618

EAN:6150504 097069


Track List

A1 Moment of Waking
A2 To the Madness
A3 Gone
A4 Sleep
A5 Be Ears
A6 Leave this Place
B1 Deep Cut
B2 How's Life?
B3 Trying
B4 I Will Wait


*Given the complexities of vinyl production, it's uncertain if the vinyl album will arrive in time for the release on June 27th. All pre-ordered albums will be delivered as soon as they are available. All is being done to ensure they do arrive on time, but no promises can be made at this point.