How's Life? - novel softcover


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How’s Life? is a story told through the eyes of twenty-nine year old, Suzie Saol, and provides an intimate insight into the process of surrendering to life’s complexities. After leaving her rural past behind, Suzie moves to Dublin, hoping for a positive change. But instead she finds herself stuck in her tiny apartment for nearly ten years, trapped in a daily routine. When she then decides to quit her job in hopes of moving forward, her distant mother makes a sudden reappearance. Now, she must confront the difficult relationship she has with her mother and the lasting impact of her mother’s unmet needs on her own upbringing.


This novel will be released alongside Kiki Deirdre's debut album with the same title. To delve deeper into the story of How’s Life?, you can order the album via her shop. Use the code "BUNDLEDISCOUNT" to get a deal when you buy the novel and album together.



Published: 27-06-2024

Publisher: Strange Sea Publishing & Records

ISBN: 978-94-649-1302-6

Length: 240 pages

Format: softcover

Dimensions: width 130mm - height 200mm

Weight: 322g